Ada Initiative launches to promote women in open technology and culture

Ada Initiative launches to promote women in open technology and culture

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Open source activists Valerie Aurora and Mary Gardiner announce the launch today of the Ada Initiative (, a non-profit organization to promote womens participation in open technology and culture.

Open technology and culture, including open source software, open content, and related communities, suffer from a dearth of women at all levels. “Open technology and culture are shaping our future and must reflect all people. Involving more women in the creation of our future is a critical step in building a healthy Internet world,” says Mitchell Baker, chair of the Mozilla Foundation. The Ada Initiative will concentrate on focused, direct action programs, including recruitment and training for women, education for community members, and working with companies and projects to improve their outreach to women.

The Ada Initiatives first sponsor is Linux Australia (, which promotes the development of free and open source software. Sponsorship funds will allow the Ada Initiative to retain expert staff to focus on major projects which are beyond the capacity of purely volunteer organizations. The Ada Initiative is currently seeking additional partner organizations and sponsors.

About the Ada Initiative

The Ada Initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing participation of women in open technology and culture. Co-founders Mary Gardiner and Valerie Aurora each have ten years of experience in open source software, open social media, and women in computing activism. The Ada Initiative is advised by a team of experts from open technology and culture fields including open source software, open government, Wikipedia, hackerspaces, social media, remix and fan culture, and online activism.