Successful launch day

Everyone is so excited about the Ada Initiative! We’re thrilled.

Our launch day press coverage included:

Ada Initiative Supports Women in Open Source, Counters Sexism, Bruce Byfield, Datamation:

Now, women’s advocates Valerie Aurora and Mary Gardiner are determined to change this situation by the creation of The Ada Initiative, a non-profit organization to encourage women’s participation in both FOSS and related groups such as the Free Culture Movement and Wikipedia. It’s an ambitious effort, but one that the founders are determined to make, despite the inevitable hostility with which their efforts will be received in some circles.

Project launched to promote women in FOSS, Sam Varghese, iTWire:

Linux kernel developer Valerie Aurora and open source advocate and developer Mary Gardiner are behind the non-profit The Ada Initiative, named for Countess Ada Lovelace, who is acknowledged as both the world’s first programmer and open source programmer.

The first sponsor of the organisation is Linux Australia; Aurora and Gardiner have invited expressions of interest from other partner organisations and sponsors.

Ada Initiative Launches Today, Amber Graner, Linux Pro Magazine

The Ada Initiative launches,

Blog mentions included: Geek Feminism, scrambled tofu, Words and what not.

At time of writing we are up to 189 Twitter followers. We’re happy to have everyone’s support. For those asking us how they can best help at this stage, join the supporters list, where we will most actively reach out when there’s a way you can assist women in open technology and culture.