Ada Initiative kicks off census to research women's status in open technology and culture

Ada Initiative kicks off census to research womens status in open technology and culture

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

The Ada Initiative launched a census today to gain a broad understanding of womens participation, representation, and status in open technology and culture. “We want to know what women are working on and how each communitys culture affects women,” said Ada Initiative co-founder Valerie Aurora. “We also want to know where to direct our work in helping women in the community.” The census includes questions about the representation and status of women in open technology and culture, and will be repeated periodically to measure changes in the community and help shape the Ada Initiatives programs.

Anyone involved in the following fields, regardless of gender, is encouraged to take the 5-minute survey (

Open source/free software
Open source hardware
Open geodata and maps
Open government
Open data
Open standards and formats
Open educational initiatives
Open/decentralised social networking
Creative Commons and free culture
Wikipedia and other wikis
Open crisis response and humanitarian projects
Barcamps and unconferences
Online/digital activism
Remix/mashup culture
Transformative works fandom, including fan fiction, fan art, and fan vidding
Maker/DIY community
Hacker spaces

The Ada Initiative Census can be found at:

The census closes on March 29th, 2011.

About the Ada Initiative

The Ada Initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing participation of women in open technology and culture, founded by long-time women in open technology activists and programmers Valerie Aurora and Mary Gardiner. The Ada Initiative is named for Countess Ada Lovelace, widely recognized as the worlds first computer programmer. The Ada Initiative partners with organizations and communities to increase the participation of women in ways that shape the technology, such as software design and development, writing for Wikipedia, and community leadership.

Contact details:

Phone: +1 (415) 779-5914