DreamHost sponsors the Ada Initiative


New Funder

The Ada Initiative is proud to announce its newest angel funder, DreamHost. DreamHost is one of the Internets premier web hosting companies, started in 1997, and now hosts over one million domains.

Social responsibility for open source-based business

Sage Weil, one of DreamHosts co-founders, describes why they decided to fund the Ada Initiative:

DreamHost, like most Internet companies, owes a lot to open source. We’ve also had a hard time finding and retaining open source savvy talent, and those we do find are rarely women. Whether that is due to our own recruiting strategies and culture or forces outside the company is hard to say (we prefer to think the latter), but in either case it is something we can and should help change. We want to help create the kind of culture shift that will make open source development thrive with the participation of all genders.”

Culture shift for open technology

The Ada Initiative is at the forefront of the culture shift Sage talks about, a requirement to bring more women into open source, open data, and other open technology fields. Right now, a lot of people want to help get more women involved in these areas, but just dont know what to do – at all. What we do is teach people who already want to help how to help in easy, practical ways,” says Valerie Aurora, executive director at the Ada Initiative. You shouldnt have to read ten books before you know how to get more women at your conference or hackerspace or other event.”

Leading the way

Organizations like DreamHost, Puppet Labs, and Linux Australia are leaders in the campaign to bring more women into open technology and culture. If you or your organization would like to be an early funder of the Ada Initiative, please contact us at donors@adainitiative.org.

About DreamHost

DreamHost is one of the Internets first and most successful web hosting companies and is now expanding into application hosting and data storage, among other things. DreamHost has a reputation for both industry-leading quality of service and social responsibility: It is certified carbon-neutral through carbon offsets and use of renewable energy, offers free hosting to non-profits, and is employee-owned, among other things. Dreamhost is currently hiring in Los Angeles and San Francisco, including developers for Ceph, a distributed file system. See http://www.dreamhost.com/jobs.html for more information.

About the Ada Initiative

The Ada Initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing participation of women in open technology and culture, founded by long-time women in open technology activists and programmers Valerie Aurora and Mary Gardiner. The Ada Initiative is named for Countess Ada Lovelace, widely recognized as the worlds first computer programmer. The Ada Initiative partners with organizations and communities to increase the participation of women in ways that shape the technology, such as software design and development, writing for Wikipedia, and community leadership.