Seed 100 update: 5 Sydney Padua 2D Goggles prints remaining

Lovelace and Babbage: They Fight Crime

Lovelace and Babbage: They Fight Crime

Update 2313 UTC, June 11: there are no more Sydney Padua 2D Goggles prints available. Future Analytical Engineer donors will receive the Colin Adams portrait print.

The generosity of our donors continues to astound us. Thank you for your enthusiasm for our work, and your faith in our ability to do it.

We now have 25 Analytical Engineer donors and 20 of them have chosen to receive the limited edition 2D Goggles “They Fight Crime” print (right) signed by artist Sydney Padua. If you’d like a copy of this amazing print, please donate now as an Analytical Engineer to ensure you get one of the remaining five prints.

If you would like to donate by wire transfer or check and you want to receive one of the remaining 2D Goggles prints, please contact us to let us know your donation is on the way so that we can reserve one for you for a short period.

The Ada Initiative loves Sydney’s work and we’ve enjoyed sharing it with you! We’re also looking forward to introducing you to Colin Adams, who designed the custom portrait of Ada Lovelace that will be given to Analytical Engineer donors who don’t receive a 2D Goggles print. More on Colin and his work soon!

The Ada Initiative Seed 100 campaign: donate in June to support women in open technology and culture