Seed 100 update: glass is one third full

We’re optimists, as you can tell. So are you – we are amazed and honoured by how many of our supporters donated at the Analytical Engineer level! Thank you!

After one week, we have 37 donors out of our target of 100. With three weeks to go, and the usual trend in donations, we think we can make our target, but only with your help. If you can donate at either the Difference Engineer or Analytical Engineer level, please do. If not, you can help us by spreading the word.

Help spread the word

Donna Benjamin, who designed the red and black Ada Initiative artwork we’ve used in several places, including the Linux Pro magazine ads, has designed new web badges for any of our donors who want to spread the word, here’s a sample:

Difference Engineer: I donated to the Ada InitiativeAnalytical Engineer: I donated to the Ada Initiative

Mary also took Donna’s bases and went sailing way out past the edge of her previous Inkscape and Javascript/jQuery knowledge to bring you a little progress meter banner to display how much of the glass remains empty.

The Ada Initiative Seed 100 campaign: donate in June to support women in open technology and culture

Get the source for all the banners at spread the word, and thanks (again) Donna.