Seed 100 update: 66 down, 34 to go

The Ada Initiative Seed 100 campaign: donate in June to support women in open technology and culture

Our Seed 100 funding campaign has 16 days left and 34 donors to go. We still need your help! If you want to donate but haven’t gotten around to it yet, now is the time to donate. Have a question? Email us and we’ll answer.

Fun stories from the campaign:

Youngest Analytical Engineer: April Leslie, 1 year old, is the youngest Analytical Engineer (donation in her honor from Ben Leslie (benno). Can you beat that?

Donors meet cute: We saw our first “Have you heard of Ada Initiative?” – “Yes, I’m a supporter!” exchange on Twitter this week:

@sramji: @feorlen @timburks Have you look at the @adainitiative yet? They are trying to solve for the fundamentals of the problem in our industry.

@feorlen: @sramji @timburks @adainitiative I’m already a supporter!

@sramji: @feorlen @timburks @adainitiative Sweet, me too (Difference Engineer)

Totally sweet. Join the club!

New coolest donation amount: Finally, a shout-out to Imaginary Bridges Group. They snapped up the last Sydney Padua print with a 2^11 ($2048) donation and got a Colin Adams print as well. This officially beats $1337 as the coolest donation amount. Sorry, Matthias!