Seed 100 update: 6 to go…

Our Seed 100 funding campaign is getting very close to its goal now, and we’re looking forward to meeting our final 6 donors. Will one of them be you?

Seed 100 is the only chance for individual donors to be prominent early supporters of the Ada Initiative, and it’s an excellent way to begin to help out, if you’ve been dismayed at the lack of women’s participation and leadership and unable to figure out how to help before.

Here’s one last encouragement from an existing donor. Ben Leslie, father of the Youngest Analytical Engineer April Leslie, writes:

I think this low participation rate matters on two fronts.

Firstly, it has an overall negative impact of the open source community. There is the direct loss attributable to the fact that we miss out on the contributions of many excellent developers. Additionally, the are indirect costs. Also I think that having a diverse community working on any project brings a variety of ideas to the project that can dramatically improve the project.

Secondly, and more importantly, it matters to all the individuals who miss out on participating in the open source community. I don’t think I really appreciated this perspective before becoming a father. I’d be pretty upset if my daughter missed out on being involved in the open source community because of some of the unnecessary challenges that currently exist for women in the community…

If your are involved in the open source community and would like to see more done to support women with in the community, I’d encourage you to become an Ada Initiative supporter.

Become one of our final Seed 100 funders by donating today.

The Ada Initiative Seed 100 campaign: donate in June to support women in open technology and culture