The Seed 100 campaign succeeded

We’re pleased (and relieved) to announce the end of the Seed 100 campaign, 6 days before our planned closing day of June 30. 100 donors have now funded our program development work, and we’re excited to move onto work that doesn’t involve spending a lot of time hovering over Paypal notifications. We have a lot of work to do, but thanks to you, we feel confident the Ada Initiative will be able to fulfill its promise and mission.

Thank you to all our generous Seed 100 donors for funding our early work and showing the depth of community support for the Ada Initiative, from our first donor, Anonymous Donor #1, to our last donor, Chris Palmer, and all the donors in between. To our amazement, some individuals and groups donated above even the Analytical Engineer level, including Jesse Ruderman, Imaginary Bridges Group and Mattias Urlichs. We’re equally flattered by the 57(!) Difference Engineer donors.

We do not currently have plans for another individual fundraising drive. The most important form of support individuals can offer us is not money, it is small, every day actions by people like you. If you’d like to help with the Ada Initiative’s work, the best thing you can do is follow our work and announcements on our blog, mailing lists, Twitter feed, or other channel. Please sign up today! We are committed to high-signal, low-noise communication.

The Ada Initiative Seed 100 campaign: we reached 100 donors. Thank you!