Video: Mary Gardiner speaks about the Ada Initiative at Girl Geek Dinner Sydney

Co-founder Mary Gardiner gave an invited talk about the Ada Initiative to a packed house at last night’s Girl Geek Dinner Sydney (hosted by Google). Mary gives a 20 minute overview of the Ada Initiative, past, present, and future, and then answers questions about the Ada Initiative and women in technology for another 20 minutes. Mary is an entertaining and well-prepared speaker, and gets some fun and interesting questions. If you want to know more about the Ada Initiative’s plans and philosophy, or get to know Mary better, this is a video worth watching.

Some Twitter comments:

@web_goddess: I asked @adainitiative if women need to be assholes to succeed in open source. Happily, the answer is no. Change the culture! #GGDSydney

@codemiller “Open source culture only just finding out that women aren’t always flattered if you talk about their boobs.” – @adainitiative #ggdsydney

The first 10 minutes of this video has been subtitled by an Ada Initiative volunteer and transferred to Amara. Thank you!

Can you help transcribe the rest of the video?