Ada Initiative sponsorship option: Venture Philanthropist

With the success of our Seed 100 fund-raising campaign for individual donors and small companies, the Ada Initiative has plenty of work to do over the next few months, defining our plans and programs, continuing our on-going work on the census and conference anti-harassment policy, and finding major donors to support our work long-term.

In addition to opportunities for major sponsors, we’re making available an option for smaller sponsors, the Venture Philanthropist sponsorship level. Venture Philanthropist sponsors may sponsor us for any amount between $2000 and $9999 (USD), receiving a permanent listing at and a mention in our monthly newsletter.

There is no timeline or limits on Venture Philanthropist sponsorships. We hope this provides a simple no-hassle way for smaller organizations to contribute to our work and help women in open technology and culture. Become a Venture Philanthropist sponsor and make a difference today.

Thank you for your support, and stay tuned!