Update on Seed 100 Rewards

2D Goggles prints signed by Sydney Padua

We now have the all the 2D Goggles and Ada Lovelace prints, a heck of a lot of bubble wrap and cardboard, and a spreadsheet full of email addresses to ship them to. The laptop stickers should arrive this week and the lanyards next week. Rewards going to Australia, New Zealand, and nearby areas will be shipped to Mary for signing and shipping, so will be delayed a few weeks longer than the rest of the world (we know you’re used to it).

We hate getting crappy schwag that goes straight into the landfill, so we worked hard to get really good quality stuff. Our goal for the lanyard was that it would be so cool that you would think, “Ooh, I’m going to put this in my suitcase RIGHT NOW so I don’t forget to bring it to the next conference.” It’s a 32″ full color dye sublimated lanyard with double alligator clips – no annoying badge flip!

If you are a Seed 100 funder, and expect to receive your rewards in the mail, you should have received an email sometime in the last 6 weeks asking you to confirm the shipping address PayPal sent us. If you have not, please email us at contact@adainitiative.org and tell us your shipping address. Thanks!