Where to Find A Subject for Ada Lovelace Day

As you probably know, Ada Lovelace Day is Friday, October 7. Thousands of people will be blogging about inspirational women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and naturally we hope that many supporters of The Ada Initiative will be among them.

At the same time, we know that many of you are busy and that, even though you want to participate, you may not have the time or the leisure to decide on a subject.

To help make your participation easier, Ada Initiative readers have helped put together a list of prominent women in open technology and culture:

Thanks to all our readers for their suggestions!

Mary’s post on the Geek Feminism blog also lists several other entries in the wiki that include lists of women in different fields.

Other places where you can search for inspiration include the Look for a Heroine database on the main Ada Lovelace Day site, and  lists of women speakers for conferences, such as those at:

And don’t forget, of course, the women on our own board of directors and board of advisors.

These resources overlap, and some are more current than others, but, between them, your problem may not be finding a subject so much as narrowing your choice to just one.

And if these lists fail to inspire you? Look at the women in your own life who have befriended, inspired, and mentored you, or worked beside you.

Once you start looking, there’s no shortage of subjects, so Happy Blogging — and Happy Ada Lovelace Day, too!