Latest Ada Initiative advisors: Sarah Stierch, Lukas Blakk, and Bruce Byfield

We’re pleased to announce that three open tech/culture experts have recently accepted our invitation to join the Ada Initiative advisory board: Sarah Stierch, Lukas Blakk, and Bruce Byfield. Sarah Stierch is a leading activist in the effort to close the Wikipedia gender gap and a consultant for cultural and historical institutions. Lukas Blakk is a release engineer at Mozilla, co-founder of the PyStar programming workshops, and long-time feminist and queer activist. Bruce Byfield is a technology journalist specializing in open source, with a particular interest in feminism, and formerly a high-tech executive and university instructor.

We appreciate all the people who give their time and support to the Ada Initiative, whether it is through participating in the supporters mailing list, participating in women in open tech/culture events, or volunteering for women in open tech/culture groups. We are always looking for active, productive candidates for the Ada Initiative advisory board and board of directors, and participating on the supporters mailing list is one way to attract our attention.