Donate now! Ada Initiative donation drive is now open!

Want to help women in open technology and culture, but have more money than time? Good news: Donations to the Ada Initiative are now open!

You can support women in open technology and culture with your donation of any size, paid through a PayPal account or check (standalone credit card option coming soon!). Your donation will go directly to supporting Ada Initiative projects to help women in open source software, Wikipedia, and other open tech/culture communities.

Donate now!

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Thank-you gifts

We have great schwag again for this campaign, with thank-you gifts for donations as low as $32. The thank-you gifts for each donation level include all the thank-you gifts from lower levels.


Back in July, 103 people and groups donated $512 or more, raising $80,000 in three weeks for the Seed 100 campaign. This time, we aim to raise $100,000 in two months, by January 31st, 2012. Help us reach our goal! If you couldn’t donate then, now’s your chance.

Why donate to us?

To learn more about the Ada Initiative, see our pages on what we do and who we are. We also just posted a series on how we are organized (part 1, part 2), how we spent the money we raised so far, and how we plan to use money from this donation drive.

More questions? See our FAQ.

Help spread the word

You can help women in open technology and culture by spreading the word about this fundraising drive!

Emailing a friend directly is the most effective thing you can do to spread the word. People are far more likely to donate as the result of a personal email than any other online method.


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