Geeky gift: Ada Lovelace pendant

Our first Ada Lovelace pendant arrived yesterday! Check it out in all its beautiful geeky glory:

Ada Lovelace pendant

This small, chic black-and-white portrait has a curved glass front and is about 1″ long (18mm x 25mm). It looks gorgeous on a silver chain, cord, or ribbon. It makes a unique and personal gift, and comes with a donation to help women in open technology and culture.

Donate now!

You can get this pendant by Dec. 25th if you donate $128 or more to the Ada Initiative by Dec. 14th (and live in the U.S. – sorry, international shipping will be slower!). We can only guarantee 100 pendants to be ready in time, so donate and reserve yours now! We will post if we get close to running out.

If you want the pendant for yourself, we suggest tweeting or blogging about it. :)

Ada Lovelace pendant on cord

Ada Lovelace pendant on ribbon