Dreamwidth pledges 10% of December revenues to the Ada Initiative

Many people who are interested in women’s participation in open source know of Denise Paolucci and Mark Smith’s Dreamwidth project, a journalling/blogging service that originated with a fork of Livejournal’s codebase, with a substantial majority of its developers being women. Alex “Skud” Bayley brought their project to wide attention in the open source community in her 2009 OSCON keynote and Denise herself has spoken about the project at OSCON 2010 and linux.conf.au 2010.

The Ada Initiative is in awe of Denise and Mark’s success in building the Dreamwidth contributor community, and Denise was an early invitee to our advisory board and joined our board of directors in June. Her knowledge of both community management and business, particularly web business, has been worth an incalculable amount to us.

Now Denise and Mark have given us an additional gift:

Dreamwidth has pledged 10% of their gross December revenues (with a minimum donation of USD $1000) to the Ada Initiative’s donation drive.

Thank you so much for your support of our work, Denise, Mark, and the Dreamwidth community! We find your project inspirational and we’re thrilled to have your backing.

Support the Ada Initiative

The Ada Initiative needs your help! We’re raising funds for our early 2012 expenses via the donation drive that Dreamwidth is donating to, and we can only go to the next level with you and your support.

Donate now!

Interested in Dreamwidth?

If you’d like to contribute financially to both Dreamwidth and the Ada Initiative, create a Premium or Paid journal or upgrade your existing account. If you’re interested in checking out Dreamwidth for your journal, you can also create a no-invite-required free account in December.

If you’re interested in learning from the Dreamwidth project’s management style, see Denise’s post on Teaching people to fish.

If you’re interested in contributing to the Dreamwidth project, see their guide for new developers and their site community for all volunteers.