Happy New Year, and update on matching donations and tax deductions

Happy New Year to everyone following the Gregorian calendar! :) The good news is that people continued to donate during the holidays, and we’re up to over $24,000 raised from over 200 donors (out of a goal of $100,000 total by January 31). We now have a donation meter up and running:


Warning: The rest of this post is boring donation and tax-related stuff. It bores us too, but we have to talk about it anyway!

Many companies match employee donations to tax-exempt non-profits. Given that our application for tax-exempt status is still pending, we researched how long one company will match a donation after it is made. In Google’s case, it will match a donation up to one year after it is made. Since many of our donors are Google employees, this is good news since we expect we will have a decision during 2012, definitely in time for donations made during the current fundraiser ending January 31. So, donate now!

How long does your employer match donations? Please leave a comment (comments are on for this post).

On the subject of 2011 tax returns for Ada Initiative donors, ask your tax advisor on what approach to take when filing your tax return. You can take the deduction based on the fact that we have applied for tax-exempt status, with the understanding that you will have to restate your return if our application is denied. Or you can wait for the decision and restate your return with the deduction taken if our application is approved. Either way, it’s annoying. Ask your tax advisor for the best approach for your case.