Ada Initiative news, December 2011


You’ve probably noticed that in December and January the Ada Initiative is running a major fundraising drive. We hope to fund several months of activity in 2012 through this drive. We deeply appreciate your support so far. Help us reach our goal in January 2012!

Donate now!

Supporting the fundraising drive has taken a lot of behind the scenes work, particularly configuring and customising CiviCRM, our donation management software, and associated donation workflows. CiviCRM is an open source project recommended to us by EFF staff as substantially outperforming proprietary software in the same space.

While this fundraising drive has again consumed a lot of staff time behind the scenes, unlike the rather one-off work we did on our Seed 100 drive, where we manually raised invoices, reconciled payments and assembled the mailouts, our work setting up this fundraising drive is extremely reusable. We’re thankful to be running a successful and this time repeatable fundraising campaign!

AdaCamp Melbourne

In addition to fundraising work, we’ve spent the last month completing the organisation of AdaCamp Melbourne. We expect more than 35 participants to join us at the CERES Environment Park for our first ever AdaCamp. Participants are joining us both from Melbourne communities, and from all over Australia, including several participants from Western Australia. We’re also thrilled to have two women from New Zealand and one from the Philippines flying in to join us for the event.

While some of the work of AdaCamp will need to be redone for future events—for example, venue research and hire, and recruiting and selecting AdaCampers themselves—we’ve learned a lot from this first event that we’re looking forward to use in hosting future AdaCamps.

Application for tax exempt status

We were advised in mid-December that our application for tax exemption in the United States awaits a fuller review in 2012. We are conferring with our legal and tax advisors on the likely review date and related matters, but are unlikely to have further news to report for some months.

Existing donors filing US taxes should seek advice from their tax professional regarding showing their donation to the Ada Initiative on their tax filings.

Upcoming appearances

Valerie and Mary are both attending the Ada Initiative’s own AdaCamp Melbourne on January 14. We’re looking forward to working with the Australian community on women’s open technology and culture participation.

We will also be at the Girl Geek Dinner that evening, open to all geek women and their guests.

Valerie and Mary will both be attending LCA 2012 in Ballarat, Australia from January 16 – 20, where we will give several talks:

  1. a main conference talk on Women in open technology and culture worldwide
  2. The Ada Initiative: achievements and plans” at the the Haecksen miniconference
  3. for the second year running, an allies workshop at the Haecksen miniconf, please register for the allies workshop if you are interested

Upcoming events for women in open technology and culture

See our calendar for a full listing, and submit any additional events to

New sponsor

In December, Dreamwidth Studios pledged 10% of their gross December revenues to the Ada Initiative. Their final donation amount means that they become the Ada Initiative’s third Venture Philanthropist sponsor!

Thank you once more to Denise Paolucci and Mark Smith, co-owners of Dreamwidth, for your generous support of the Ada Initiative.

Sponsorship opportunities

The Ada Initiative’s Venture Philanthropist sponsorship program allows organisations to sponsor the Ada Initiative for sponsorship amounts between $2000 and $9999 (USD) with a minimum of hassle. Contact for larger sponsorship packages.