Thank you! Donation drive ends

Thank you to everyone who donated to our fund-raising drive ending January 31, 2012. Over the last 2 months, we raised $30,463 in individual donations from over 250 donors, and about $15,000 in corporate donations, for a total of 4-5 months of operating expenses. Your donations make projects like AdaCamp, allies workshops, and Ada’s Advice possible – in fact, we continued work on all three of these projects while we were fundraising.

AdaCamp Melbourne attendees

AdaCamp Melbourne attendees

If you want to donate and missed the deadline, don’t worry – you can still donate at our year-round donation page. We are also seeking corporate donations.

We especially thank our corporate sponsors who donated and/or provided matching funds:

Ceph: Open source distributed file system
Dreamwidth: Full-featured blog hosting on open source platform
Puppet Labs: Open source systems management software
Singly: Open source platform for accessing social network data
Creative Contingencies: Open source solutions and event organization

And Cory Doctorow for a timely posting of the Ada Lovelace pendant on BoingBoing!

Thank-you gifts are still being shipped. If you donated before December 31st, you should have received your pendant already. The second round of pendants will be shipped in early February. Scarves are still being manufactured and will be shipped in February. The first round of stickers are being shipped today, and the second round will go out in February.

Thank you to everyone who donated, spread the word, or helped! We appreciate it!