Allies workshop – snappy comebacks for men who want to stop sexism

Allies: People who support members of a disadvantaged group, but aren’t a member of that group themselves.

Are you a male ally of women in open technology and culture? Would you like to be better at responding to sexist incidents right when they happen, instead of thinking up a great comeback while trying to go to sleep? The Ada Initiative has a program tailor-made for you: the Allies workshop. This is a free workshop taught by Mary Gardiner or Valerie Aurora in which we practice responding to sexism from the perspective of a male ally.

Valerie Aurora

Allies workshop teacher Valerie Aurora

We just expanded and improved the Allies workshop with feedback from teaching the class several times over the last year. The entire Allies workshop curriculum is licensed CC-BY-SA and is available on the Geek Feminism wiki, and we encourage other people to teach it as well.

If you’d like us to teach the workshop in your area, please contact The workshop itself is free, but we do not cover travel expenses outside of Sydney or the San Francisco Bay area.

Thank you for being an ally!