Ada Initiative offers free consulting on women in open tech/culture

Help Point sign on train station platform

by Thomas Nugent, CC BY-SA

With the upswing in attention to sexism in tech, don’t forget that the Ada Initiative offers free consulting advice to organizations on how to be more welcoming to women in open technology and culture. Feel free to recommend that companies talk to us to learn more.

Besides advice, we also run free workshops teaching people how to be allies of women in open technology and culture, and help write policies for companies, events, and communities. Working with organizations directly to help change their culture is key to achieving our goal of making open technology and culture a fun and rewarding place for women.

You do not have to be an Ada Initiative sponsor to work with us, although sponsors get priority if we can’t handle all our clients at once. If you know a company that might like to become an Ada Initiative sponsor, please contact them and give them our email: