Ada Initiative news, March 2012

Happy birthday to us!

Cupcake with a single lit candle placed in itThe Ada Initiative incorporated on March 18, 2011, making March 18 our first birthday! Thank you for all your support over the last year, whether as a sponsor, a donor, a supporters member, an AdaCamper or a reader or follower.

An especial thank you to our hard working board of directors and advisory board for their substantial volunteer contributions over the past year.

AdaCamp DC planning

Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. by Bernt Rostad

by Bernt Rostad

AdaCamp DC planning continues apace for July 10–11, 2012. We’re planning for 150–200 attendees and hoping many people will attend both AdaCamp and Wikimania.

During March we prepared a sponsorship prospectus which we have now begun to distribute! If you are interesting in sponsoring the event and would like a copy of the prospectus, please email Our venue is close to finalised, and early sponsors will be announced within the next week. We expect to begin taking applications in late April.

We will announce when applications open, but start thinking of people to recommend and session ideas now!

Mary Gardiner to keynote Wikimania

In March we announced that Ada Initiative co-founder Mary Gardiner has been chosen to give the opening keynote at Wikimania 2012! Wikimania is the worlds top conference for Wikipedia and related Wikimedia projects, held this year from July 12–15 in Washington, D.C.

Ada Initiative advisors in the news

Donna Benjamin

Donna Benjamin

Donna Benjamin’s project Digitise the Dawn has resulted in the National Archives making the early Australian feminist journal The Dawn available to the public. Congratulations Donna!

Audio of an interview that Donna did with Melbourne’s RRR radio station is available.

New advisors

In March we welcomed Kellie Brownell of the EFF; Ellie Young formerly of USENIX; Karen Sandler of the GNOME Foundation; and Caroline Simard of Stanford School of Medicine and the Anita Borg Institute to our advisory board. Thanks for offering to help us with our work with women in open tech and culture Kellie, Ellie, Karen and Caroline!

Upcoming appearances

  • July 10–11, 2012: Mary and Valerie will both be attending AdaCamp DC.
  • July 12–14, 2012: Mary and Valerie will both be attending Wikimania 2012‘s main program.

Upcoming events for women in open technology and culture

See our calendar for a full listing, and submit any additional events to

Sponsorship opportunities

The Ada Initiative’s Venture Philanthropist sponsorship program allows organisations to sponsor the Ada Initiative for sponsorship amounts between $2000 and $9999 (USD) with a minimum of hassle. Contact for larger sponsorship packages.