The Ada Initiative welcomes Caroline Simard to our board of directors

The Ada Initiative’s first anniversary of incorporation brought with it our first half-board election: our by-laws specify that our board members have a two-year staggered term, which at present means that three of our six directors must be re-appointed or elected by the board each year.

Photograph of Caroline SimardWe’re thrilled to announce that Caroline Simard, who we recently welcomed as an advisor has also joined our board of directors this term! Caroline has a long history as a prominent advocate for women in technology, including her former position as Vice President of Research and Executive Programs at the Anita Borg Institute, and we’re looking forward to working closely with her as one of our board members.

In addition, the board is welcoming back Valerie Aurora, Ada Initiative co-founder and executive director; Rachel Chalmers, research director of infrastructure with The 451 Group; and Sue Gardner, executive director of the Wikimedia Foundation; each re-appointed to a two year term. Mary Gardiner and Denise Paolucci, together with Caroline, continue with their present term until 2013.

Photograph of Matt ZimmermanWe’d especially like to thank Matt Zimmerman, who stepped aside from the board at the end of his term, for his service in our crucial first year. In particular, Matt took on the major responsibility of chairing our compensation committee and guiding the committee through the necessary steps. Matt is continuing as a member of our advisory board and we thank him for his work for us as a director and look forward to his future work as an advisor.