Ada Initiative community IRC chat, Thursday May 3rd 15:00 GMT

The next Ada Initiative IRC chat is this Thursday, May 3rd, at the Europe/Africa friendly time of 15:00 GMT (4:00pm London time, 8:00am San Francisco time). Join us with your feedback and questions.

Location of the channel

Network: Freenode
IRC server:
Channel: #adainitiative

A web chat interface is available at

Enter a nickname of your choice in “Nickname” and “#adainitiative” in “Channels”.

Note on channel moderation: We’re not up to following or moderating a fulltime chat channel, so the channel will be set to voice-only (which will mean most people can’t communicate with the channel) when a public chat isn’t taking place. You’re welcome to lurk in there fulltime if that’s easier for your IRC client, but there won’t be activity there outside regular meetings.

If you have any concerns about the channel or anything that happens in it, contact