Meet an AdaCamper: Noopur

Applications to AdaCamp DC are still open! We’re excited to introduce some of our accepted AdaCampers, to give you a sense of who you’ll meet if you come along.

Photograph of Noopur

Noopur, self-portrait, Creative Commons BY-SA

My name is Noopur. I am also known as Lily and @tetisheri in cyberspace.

I now work with the Wikimedia Foundation as a Communications consultant. Having grown up with technology, a child of the 90’s, I took to exploring women’s participation and opportunities of access on the Internet as my areas of research. Simultaneously, I am interested in questions of education and how classroom spaces are changing thanks to the Internet. I have made over 1500 edits on Wikipedia and I run a Wikipedia project at the National Crafts Museum. I think being a woman and being from the arts made me bridge that cultural gap on the Internet. I devote my time to adding diverse content on domestic objects, cultural traditions and all that has been relegated to the woman’s realm. But, I also sensitize students around me and involve them in my project to break this barrier.

I’d love to propose an AdaCamp session on GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums) and how a GLAM project can be a woman’s way of constructive activism in terms of opening feminine and cultural spaces online.

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