Meet an AdaCamper: Chit Thiri Maung

Applications to AdaCamp DC are still open! We’re excited to introduce some of our accepted AdaCampers, to give you a sense of who you’ll meet if you come along.

Many Voices One Mozilla postcard featuring Chit Thiri Maung
My name is Chit Thiri Maung, In Burmese community they known me as “ahkeno” which is my blog name and nick name.

Tell us a little about your home community and/or your work.

Currently I working as Web Developer working with open source CMS (Joomla, Drupal, WordPress) and PHP, Javascript, and CSS.Then here is my opensource volunteering project I’m leading for Mozilla Myanmar Community .We have been created at last year 2011 July. Now we have official website I also leading for Burmese localization at Mozilla product (like: Firefox Aurora).

What is (one of) your key open technology/culture communities or projects? What do you enjoy about it?

Open Source! I have been familiar with this words since 2008. I started work with on Joomla after finished my Master Degree. Joomla is first one I work on and Firefox is my default browser!

Last 4 years,In Myanmar we don’t have good connection and we gave expensive money for using Internet (expensive than these days). So we used internet at Cyber Cafe. First I start met with Firefox as Cyber Cafe. I start used it and like it so much! Lucky I didn’t start use internet with IE. Then days by days passed I work on Company, I used Opensource product every day, I delight to use Open source product. Then I started dream that’s open source community will grow up in Myanmar.

First I try was Joomla Myanmar Community.I made event at CMS’s camp Manadalay 2011 and talk/shared about Joomla at BarcampMDY2011.

After that’s I start work on Mozrep at 2011 June (this time). All my dream come true for I can make Mozilla Myanmar community. I spread out Mozilla Love with volunteers at BarcampYGN2012 and BarcampMDY2012.

Here are all my blog post there!

One thing I proud to be Mozillian is, I had attend Mozcamp Asia 2011 at November. We met Super awesome Mozillian. Share ideas, learn each other and exchanging knowledge. Because of this empower, we made 93% of Localization with enthusiastic contributors.

I have lot of story about Open Source and Mozilla Love! All this stuff are summarize of my open source love :)
Here is my blogpost of Being Remo.

How has being a woman in your community changed during your involvement in it?

Before I answer this question.I want to talk about woman Aung San Suu Kyi. Hope Everybody know her! Being she is not from Technology field, she is the one I admire! Also another woman who I admirer : Mitchell Baker.

Talk on our Burmese IT Community, women are not too much. I’m the one who leading Mozilla Community. So everyday I faced challenging for working together with men.

Outside of your involvement with open technology/culture, what are you interested in and working on?

If I not working computer, I love talking with people, learning something (now I learn French), taking photos, travel sometime and hang out with my beloved MoM.

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