Meet an AdaCamper: Netha Hussain

Applications to AdaCamp DC are still open! We’re excited to introduce some of our accepted AdaCampers, to give you a sense of who you’ll meet if you come along.

Photograph of Netha Hussain

Netha Hussain, self-portrait. Creative Commons BY-SA.

Tell us a little about your home community and/or your work.

I have been working with Wikimedia projects as a volunteer since May 2010. Presently, I am active in English and Malayalam (a regional language spoken by people of Kerala, India) Wikipedias and Wikimedia Commons. I am interested in medicine, gender issues and translation. On Wikipedia, I create and edits articles related to medicine, surgery, pharmacology, pathology and other pre and para medical subjects. I am a member of WikiProject Feminism and Welcoming committee. I am involved in translating articles from English Wikiprojects to Malayalam Wikiprojects. I am an Online ambassador in English Wikipedia and I am involved in helping new editors to edit English Wikipedia.

What is (one of) your key open techology/culture communities or projects? What do you enjoy about it?

Wikipedia Malayalam. What I enjoy the most about it is the learning process involved in writing/editing articles for Wikipedia.

How has being a woman in your community changed during your involvement in it?

In 2010, when I started editing Malayalam Wikipedia, I was the only woman active contributor. I took initiative in bringing a few dropped out women editors back to editing Wikipedia. I improved articles on women’s biographies and women’s health. I took part in outreach programs for women. I was the only representative from India to take part in WikiWomenCamp, the conference for women Wikimedians held at Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Outside of your involvement with open technology/culture, what are you interested in and working on?

I am a medical student. I am actively involved in patient care activities of my college where students provide assistance to patients seeking financial and social help. I am interested in quizzing and literary activities.

Are you planning to propose any sessions at AdaCamp? What will they be?

I would like to propose a session on ‘Wikipedia and Women’ at Ada Camp. I would be talking in detail about the changes women brought about in Wikipedia and also about gender gap issues faced by women in Wikipedia.

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