Meet an AdaCamper: Kendra Albert

Applications to AdaCamp DC are still open! We’re excited to introduce some of our accepted AdaCampers, to give you a sense of who you’ll meet if you come along.

Photograph of Kendra Albert, with laptop

Name: Kendra Albert (@KendraSerra on Twitter)

Home Community/Work: I work at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University, where I provide support for an open source project called H2O – an online textbook platform built on ideas of open source software and creative remixing. Our aim is to disrupt the legal textbook market within the next two to three years.

I also am deeply interested in how technology manufacturers and platform vendors are exerting increasing amounts of control over the code we can run on our computers – from Apple’s Mac App Store to Windows 8 Secure Boot. We’re at a pivotal moment in the history of computing, because the generative experience we’ve come to enjoy with computers is not set in stone. It needs protecting.

Woman in the Community: As a woman who has a non-technical background, I often feel that some of my time is spent establishing that I know enough to discuss the topics I’m interested in. It also took me a while to convince myself I knew enough to talk about the topics I was interested in – classic impostor syndrome. The realization that a lot of women go through this same process had led me to be far more passionate about creating safe spaces and environments where there isn’t an emphasis on formal qualifications.

I’m very conscious of the dearth of female role models in the cyberlaw field – there are some amazing women who do work in the area, like Susan Crawford, Elizabeth Stark and Wendy Seltzer, but certainly not enough!

Outside of Involvement with Open Tech/Culture: On the tech side, I’m interested in privacy and cybersecurity, and how to not give up on the possibility of either. In my free time, I’m a gamer, with a recent addiction to Diablo 3, and I also love cooking, interesting food and coffee. Finally, I’m a dedicated skeptic, and former blogger for the queer skeptical website Queereka, part of Rebecca Watson’s Skepchick network.

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