Meet an AdaCamper: Sophia Chung

Applications to AdaCamp DC are still open! We’re excited to introduce some of our accepted AdaCampers, to give you a sense of who you’ll meet if you come along.

Photograph of Sophia Chung

Tell us a little about your home community and/or your work.

I’m a software engineer at Facebook. I’ve been in the industry for over 9 years and have worked at Hewlett-Packard, Electronic Arts, Google, and now Facebook.

What is (one of) your key open techology/culture communities or projects? What do you enjoy about it?

I’m currently working on Facebook’s Open Graph — an open protocol to help integrate 3rd party sites and apps to the social experience. At Facebook, the mission is to “make the world more open and connected” and with the Open Graph people are able to express themselves though outside networks, activities, and apps.

I’ve loved social media since the early days of the Internet. Since middle school I’ve been on Bulletin Board Systems and chat rooms. I’ve been fascinated at how quickly the Internet has evolved into an invaluable medium of communication.

Are you planning to propose any sessions at AdaCamp? What will they be?

Session idea: Social media and the Open Graph protocol

I would love to host a session about social media today, how it’s changed over time, and the open protocol to integrate as a 3rd party site to Facebook. It would be about how social media is used these days to define user identity and provide brand distribution.

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