Support anti-harassment policy adoption? Help improve our wiki resources.

The main home for the Ada Initiative’s conference anti-harassment work is the Conference anti-harassment page on the Geek Feminism wiki. I’ve made several major additions today aimed mostly at people who want to advocate for anti-harassment policies.

We could use help expanding these resources, and would love your help developing these wiki pages. If you are new to wikis, please see Wikia’s Introduction to editing. Specific requests are below.

Suggest actions in support of anti-harassment policies

Many people would like to support anti-harassment policy adoption, and I’ve created a short list of actions that support policy adoption. Please expand this with effective actions you know of!

Design buttons and ribbons

One of the ways people have shown support of policies is by distributing buttons, ribbons, stickers and so on for supporters to wear at conferences. Please share your designs so that others can use them!

Gather posts about anti-harassment policies

Several communities have had extensive online discussion of adopting anti-harassment policies now, most recently was the campaign to get skeptical and secular events to adopt policies. We’d like to gather the links together on one page, the Conference anti-harassment reading page. If you’d like to help out, please seek out links discussing anti-harassment policies and add them to the appropriate section:

  1. Adoption of policies, for pages about drafting policies, or announcing their adoption or similar
  2. Support of policies, for pages in support of adopting policies
  3. Opposition to policies, for pages opposing adopting policies