UNESCO looking for initiatives promoting women's role in Open Source Software

From a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) press release:

UNESCO’s Gender Equality in Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) community is looking for groups and initiatives that promote womens role and representation in FOSS. This will allow building a comprehensive repository of FOSS Groups and Initiatives by and for Women and Girls…

FOSS has dramatically changed the way software is produced, distributed, supported and used. However, most of the problems pertaining to gender inequalities in the software industry have been duplicated in the FOSS field. According to UNESCO’s Report on Gender Equality and Free and Open Source Software, globally less than 20 per cent of ICT developers and FOSS users are women. Furthermore, women’s entry level wages are only 17 per cent of men’s wages. Figures are especially worrying in FOSS. Only 2 per cent of professionals working in FOSS are women, compared to 28 per cent in proprietary software.

For this reason, UNESCO calls on FOSS communities to build a comprehensive list of FOSS Groups and Initiatives for Women and Girls. UNESCO encourages women’s and girls’ active participation in all aspects of the development and use of FOSS at all levels: cultural, economic, political and technical…

Please send your contributions by e-mail to: foss(at)unesco.org or join the UNESCO FOSS community by providing the following information:

  • for groups: name of the group, national or regional scope, a brief introduction and the link;
  • for initiatives/activities: title and a brief introduction including goals, status and achievements.

Of course, the Ada Initiative is working on submitting our own listing! We encourage other groups for and by women in Free and Open Source Software to submit their details for listing too.

Got open tech and culture news to share with women in the Ada Initiatives community? Email share@adainitiative.org. The Geek Feminism wiki has further outreach channels for women in open source.