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At the Ada Initiative, we have a vision: A world in which women are equal and welcome participants in open source software, open data, and open culture. We want women writing free software, women editing Wikipedia, women creating the Internet and women shaping the future of global society.

Help us make this vision a reality. Support the Ada Initiative now and get the first ever Ada Initiative t-shirt! This limited edition shirt is available to the first 1000 donors at the Ada’s Angel level.

About the Ada’s Angel fundraising campaign

Our goal for the Ada’s Angel campaign is attracting 1000 donors at the $16 – $32 a month level by October 31, 2012. With this level of steady funding, we can commit to long-term projects like holding AdaCamp in India and Europe, take on new projects like creating a practical workshop for overcoming Impostor Syndrome for women in open tech/culture, and significantly reduce our fundraising costs. (“Angel” is used in the non-religious sense of “angel investor” – we welcome people of all or no religious beliefs.)

Other thank-you gifts include a limited edition Kate Beaton print about Ada Lovelace, signed by the author, awarded to each 25th Ada’s Angel donor (up to 25 total), and our popular Ada Lovelace pendant.

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What we’ve done since our last fundraising campaign

AdaCamp attendees (c) <a href="">Adam Novak</a>

AdaCamp attendees

Thanks to donors like you, the Ada Initiative has accomplished a lot in the 8 months since our last fundraiser.

A few of our accomplishments in 2012: We ran 2 AdaCamp conferences, the first ever conferences for women in open technology and culture. Our campaign against harassment has made dozens more open source, Wikipedia, and open data conferences safer and more welcoming to women, and even spread to science fiction, computer security, and skeptic conferences. We taught workshops for men about practical ways to support women in open tech/culture.

We did much more too: keynoted Wikimania 2012, assisted other open tech/culture non-profits in welcoming women, co-hosted a Wikipedia edit-a-thon during Women’s History Month, and more. Your donations made this work possible.

Help increase our reach

Help us do even more to support women in open technology and culture! If you donate now, you can help us achieve our goals of running at least 2 AdaCamps a year, expanding our anti-harassment work into online communities (e.g., IRC and blog aggregators), and creating simple, effective online guides for men to help women in open tech/culture.

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Spread the word

Whether or not you can donate yourself, you can help us now by spreading the word about the Ada Initiative and asking your friends and acquaintances to become an Ada’s Angel donor.

Thank you to previous donors

Thank you to all of our donors, including those from our two previous fundraising campaigns in December 2011 and June 2011. About 65% of our financial support comes from individual donors like you. Our corporate donors can only fund a few of our programs, and individual donations allow us to take on projects that benefit women directly regardless of whether they are a fit for corporate donation guidelines. We can’t do it without you!

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