Your donations are over 50% of Ada Initiative funding

At the Ada Initiative, we have an ambitious vision: More women in Wikipedia, open source software, open data, and other areas of open technology and culture. You can help make this vision a reality by donating today.

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Ada Initiative donations to date

A common question we hear is, “I support women in open technology in culture, but why should I donate personally? Isn’t the Ada Initiative funded mostly by corporations?” In reality, over 50% of our funding comes from individuals like you. For example, Google employees have donated over twice as much to the Ada Initiative as Google has donated as a corporation. If we include employer donation matching, individuals are responsible for almost 60% of our funding!

We’ve decided to continue raising the majority of our funding from individual donors like you, which is why we’re asking people like you to become an Ada’s Angel and donate $16 – $32 a month. Our basic expenses are so low that we can run our main programs with fewer than 1000 donors a year at this level of support. Already over 400 people have donated to us at the Ada’s Angel level, on average, so we this is a realistic goal!

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Why the change in focus from corporate support to individual donations? We found that individual donors really like high-impact, far-reaching programs that focus on improving the lives of women directly, across multiple areas of open technology and culture. That’s most of what the Ada Initiative does and so it is a great match between what makes our donors happy and our organizational goals.

Photograph of Matt Zimmerman

Matt Zimmerman, Ada’s Angel

So far, our experience is that corporate sponsorship programs prefer funding smaller projects with direct impact on their interests. The projects they typically fund include connecting women with job opportunities at their corporation, improving a specific open source project, and conference sponsorships – worthy goals and ones we believe in, but this kind of funding only covers a small part of our vision for the Ada Initiative. Individual donations fund all our projects and cost us less in fundraising overhead, leaving us more time to work on our programs.

A few corporations have made generous unrestricted donations to the Ada Initiative, like Ceph, Puppet Labs, Dreamhost, and O’Reilly, and we could not have succeeded without them. We also have great support from non-profits like Linux Australia and Wikimedia Foundation. We will continue to seek corporate support, especially for AdaCamp sponsorship, but individual donations are our largest and lowest cost source of funding.

We are so grateful to everyone who has donated to the Ada Initiative over the last 18 months. Please join us today and become an Ada’s Angel!

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