AdaCampers say: AdaCamp DC was life-altering, donate now for future AdaCamps

One of the biggest Ada Initiative projects to date has been our AdaCamp unconferences. We’ve held two in 2012, one in Melbourne Australia and one in Washington DC. Our attendees report things like: “one of the best conferences I’ve been to!” and “probably life altering in my case”.

Some of the AdaCamp alumni are supporting our fundraising drive! In order to run more AdaCamps, the Ada Initiative needs your donations. We’re aiming to have 1000 donors by the end of October, to allow us to work on our programs full-time and improve women’s participation, leadership and belonging in open technology and culture.

Netha HussainNetha Hussain

Netha Hussain, Wikipedian and AdaCamper

AdaCamper Netha Hussain, who you met before in our Meet an AdaCamper interviewers, writes:

The Ada Initiative is a non-profit working founded by my friends Mary Gardiner and Valerie Aurora to support women in open source, Wikipedia etc. I was invited to the Ada Camp held in Washington D.C last July, and the experience was truly awesome! Donate now to support their great work or spread the word!

AdaCamper Nele Noppe writes:

In short, [AdaCamp DC] was fantastic, not in the least because the organizers had explicitly invited people from fannish backgrounds and created a very welcoming atmosphere. That enabled us to launch right into talking about fan culture and open stuff without any of the non-fannish people questioning whether we belonged at a “techie” unconference. Any fan who’s even vaguely interested in open stuff should have the opportunity to attend an event like this. Your head will explode and it will feel great.

Fortunately for all of us, the Ada Initiative is holding a donation drive right now to bolster their long-term finances so they can organize more AdaCamps in as many different locations as possible. DC was the second AdaCamp. The first took place in Melbourne, and the organizers are hoping to branch out to Europe and India.

Holding AdaCamp in such disparate locations is the only way to really attract the sort of diversity that the Ada Initiative says it wants to achieve… If you can, please consider donating so AdaCamp can happen somewhere near you. You want to go!

The Ada Initiative needs your help to commit to future AdaCamps around the world. Support more AdaCamps and other events by becoming an Ada’s Angel donor today!

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