Next 10 Ada's Angels donors: Signed Kate Beaton print of Ada Lovelace comic

Update Wed Oct 3 0700 UTC: all 10 prints are now taken.

Prints are also being given to every 25th donor at the Ada’s Angel level, so donate now to have a chance at receiving one.

Ada Lovelace comic by Kate Beaton, final panel

Click for full Ada Lovelace comic

The next 10 Ada Initiative donors at the Ada’s Angel level will get a signed copy of Kate Beaton’s “Young Ada Lovelace” comic!

Kate Beaton is a popular artist best known for her online web comic, “Hark, A Vagrant!” Kate’s comics put a funny spin on obscure historical events, fictional characters, and historical figures. Of course, our favorites are her hilarious takes on sexism in various forms: in comic books (“Sexy Batman“), on the Internet (“Lady on the Internet“), and movies (“Strong Female Characters“).

Kate Beaton has graciously agreed to sign 25 prints of “Young Ada Lovelace” for Ada Initiative donors. The next 10 donors at the Ada’s Angel level will receive a signed print! After that, we’ll go back to the regular schedule of every 25th Ada’s Angel donor.

(If you don’t want a print, don’t wait to donate! Just let us know via email.)

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