Fundraising update: $41,000 down, can we get to $80,000 in 14 days?

AdaCamp DC attendees

$41,000, hurray!

A quick fundraising update: Supporters like you have donated about $41,000 to the Ada Initiative so far – great work, everyone! We’re looking forward to our next projects: increasing civility in open tech/culture communities online, not just at conferences, more AdaCamp conferences for women in open tech/culture, and online training to overcome Impostor Syndrome for women in open tech/culture. If we get enough sponsors for AdaCamp, we will be able to add a track open to the general public – “AdaCon.”

Our goal is $80,000 by the end of our fundraiser in 14 days – October 31, 2012. We’ve raised just over half of that money so far, which is on track for our goal based on other fundraising campaigns. If we don’t meet this goal, we will almost certainly have to become a volunteer-based organization. Given that the combination of full-time employees and grassroots community action accomplished more in less than 2 years than we did in the previous 10 years working as volunteers, we think that would be a shame.

You made the progress in attitudes towards sexism in open technology and culture over the last couple of years possible. Take a minute to be proud of yourself!

If you’ve already donated, but would like to help more, you can help by letting your friends know that you donated and why.

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