Leading open source conference PyCon US shares response/report guidelines for harassment

PyCon US 2013PyCon US continues to be a leader in the “Most Welcoming Open Tech/Culture Conference Ever” category. PyCon US just published their guidelines for both people reporting harassment and for how staff should respond, all the way from first contact to final action. They are partly based on almost 2 years of the Ada Initiative’s real-world experience helping conference organizers. PyCon US is the first conference to publish their guidelines for handling incidents, only 17 days after the Ada Initiative’s example guidelines came out.

Jesse Noller, chair of PyCon US 2012 and 2013, writes:

We hope that providing these documents and procedures publicly, we reenforce our dedication to providing a safe and welcoming environment to everyone. We also hope to inspire other conferences – big and small – to adopt similar procedures and public documentation.

Between these guidelines, the PyLadies travel sponsorships for women, early and enthusiastic adoption of an anti-harassment policy, and the overall culture of the Python community, PyCon US sounds like the the top open source conference for women in the U.S.. Registration is open now.

For other conference organizers, we can’t emphasize this enough: Conference sponsors love this kind of preparation and public commitment. Sponsorship is all about publicly demonstrating an organization’s values, and sponsors know with organizers taking steps like this, they can be proud of their sponsorship.

Congratulations to the entire PyCon US organizing committee for taking conference organization to the next level!