Linux Foundation donates $2000 to support women in Linux

Linux FoundationToday the Linux Foundation donated $2000 to the Ada Initiative to support women in Linux. Women make up only 2% of the open source community overall, and a similar percentage of the Linux community. The computing industry as a whole is around 20% women, which strongly suggests that genetic differences between men and women are not the cause of the gender gap in Linux.

Given the overall shortage of Linux talent, research showing that mixed gender teams create make better decisions than same gender teams, increasing the number of women involved in Linux is vital to the health of the Linux community overall. Any organization employing Linux experts and struggling to hire women benefits from the Ada Initiative’s work, and Linux Foundation’s leadership in supporting initiatives to improve the culture of Linux.

You can be part of the work to bring more women into Linux, by donating as an individual or as a company. Donate below, or contact us at for more information.

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