You did it! The Ada Initiative meets its fundraising goal: generous donors gave over $91,000!

To all our supporters: thank you so much for your generosity during this fundraising drive. We’re thrilled to announce that we exceeded our fundraising goal of $80,000, which we chose to allow us to work without additional fundraising until at least March 2013, and raised an extra $11,576.

Donation progress bar: donate now

Especial thanks to our matching sponsors: the Linux Foundation; Sumana Harihareswara and Leonard Richardson; and Caroline Simard, whose inspirational examples helped us reach and exceed our goal in the final week of the drive. Thank you to our 99 Ada’s Angels and 66 Ada’s Anchors for their generous contributions.

Mary and Valerie laughing

Ada Initiative founders Mary Gardiner and Valerie Aurora thank you for your support

And a second thank you to all our donors, including donors earlier in 2011 and 2012! The Ada Initiative relies on your donations to continue our work supporting women in open technology and culture.

If you were unable to give in this drive, the Ada Initiative still needs your support to advocate for women in open technology and culture and we welcome your crucial donations year-round!

What now?

We will be emailing all donors shortly to confirm shipping addresses and, where selected, their t-shirt size. And we’ll be getting to work: we have several projects to brainstorm with our board and advisors that we’ll be announcing in December and January. We look forward to sharing our next steps with our generous supporters.