JSConf US 2013 launches #15forAda, encouraging attendees to give to the Ada Initiative

We’re delighted to share the support of JSConf US 2013, who have launched the #15forAda appeal for their attendees to each donate $10 to the Ada Initiative, to which the conference will add a further $5 donation. JSConf organizers write:

We, the entire JSConf organizer family, care deeply about the tech community at large. From the start, we have had a strong mission component to our US events. We want to be an example for how conferences can be both fun and impactful. In 2010, JSConf US raised and donated over $3,000 to gender, racial, and financial diversity outreach programs in the computing sciences with our JSConf Diversity In Computing Drive. In 2012, we helped raise and donate over $25,000 to Feeding America as part of the TeamJS initiative. We have a great track record for not just putting on amazing conferences, but also for doing it in a fashion that improves the world in which we live. This is something that we are filled with pride about and look forward to every year.

For 2013, we want to continue our trend by bringing awareness and donations to the amazing Ada Initiative, which has the mission of supporting women in open technology and culture, something we fully support and believe in.

… We contacted the Ada Initiative and committed to conducting a sponsorship drive as part of our ticket purchase process. This year when you purchase your ticket(s) (regardless of level), there will be a checkbox that is already checked for you. This will add $10 USD to your ticket price and that $10 will be donated to the Ada Initiative as one lump sum from JSConf. Now you might be asking yourself, but why is the title “15 for Ada Campaign”? Well, we would be remiss if we asked you to help out with $10 and were not willing to assist as well, so for every donation made we will be matching $5 from the JSConf US budget to bring the total donation up to $15.

JSConf US 2013 will be held from May 29–31 2013 in Amelia Island, Florida. Registration for the conference will open shortly. The Ada Initiative is glad our work has contributed to the JSConf and JavaScript communities, and thank JSConf US and its attendees for their support!