Python Software Foundation publicly announces requirement for code of conduct at all sponsored events

The Python Software Foundation just announced that it will require a code of conduct (an anti-harassment policy) for all events that it sponsors. While many sponsoring organizations have quietly made this a de facto rule (for example, four sponsors told PyCon US 2013 organizers they would not sponsor without a policy in place), the Python Software Foundation is the first the Ada Initiative has heard of to make this requirement a formal, public policy.

Current PSF chair and PyCon US chair Jesse Noller wrote an engaging, comprehensive essay on how this resolution helps the Python Software Foundation in its core mission to grow and support the Python community. This is a must-read for any organization that runs or sponsors events.

The PSF has long been a leader in diversity in open source. Will your organization be the next to join the PSF on this list of pro-diversity sponsors?

The next major PSF event is PyCon US 2013, in Santa Clara, California on March 13-21. Financial aid is available, and women are specifically encouraged to attend and apply.