Dreamwidth pledges 5% of December revenues to the Ada Initiative

Following the success of last year’s pledge, journalling/blogging service Dreamwidth is again donating a percentage of December revenues to the Ada Initiative.

Dreamwidth’s code-base is open source and they are well-known for their successful approach to a friendly and diverse contributor community, as highlighted by Alex “Skud” Bayley in her 2009 OSCON keynote. In addition, Dreamwidth co-founder Denise Paolucci is a member of the Ada Initiative’s board of directors.

Denise and her co-founder Mark Smith announced their donation on Saturday:

Last year, we donated 10% of our proceeds for the month of December to the Ada Initiative, a nonprofit dedicated to improving the experiences of women in open technology and culture… This year, we’re bringing back the December charitable giving, with a twist:

  • 5% of our gross income for the month of December will once again be donated to the Ada Initiative.
  • 5% of our gross income for the month of December will be donated to several other nonprofits doing awesome work.

Thank you to Denise, Mark, and the Dreamwidth community for their second year of support for the Ada Initiative.

Interested in Dreamwidth?

If you’d like to contribute financially to both Dreamwidth and the Ada Initiative, create a Premium or Paid journal or upgrade your existing account. If you’re interested in checking out Dreamwidth for your journal, you can also create a free account.

If you’re interested in learning from the Dreamwidth project’s management style, see Denise’s post on Teaching people to fish.

If you’re interested in contributing to the Dreamwidth project, see their guide for new developers and their site community for all volunteers.