Allies workshop at Everyone Hacks in San Francisco Jan. 19

The Ada Initiative will be teaching the Allies Workshop this Saturday, January 19, 2013, at the Everyone Hacks event in San Francisco, California.

The Ada Initiative Allies Workshop is for people who may or may not be women in open technology and culture, focusing on practical, everyday ways they can support women in their community. After a short introduction on the basic concepts, we role-play or watch other people role-play through common scenarios, and discuss why some things work and others don’t.

Everyone Hacks is a two-day event focused on teaching women how to form teams quickly and build software that works in a short time – the skills often used at hackathons, startups, or fun projects. People of any gender are welcome. Child care is available both Saturday and Sunday for an extra fee.

We teach the Allies Workshop several times a year. Would you like to host an Allies Workshop in Australia or New Zealand? Because we’d like to teach one. The conditions are:

  • Dependent on staff availability
  • Travel and accommodation paid if outside Sydney
  • At least half of the workshop spaces must be open to non-profit employees and open tech/culture volunteers

See our Workshops and training page for more information.