Call for papers: Women in Advanced Computing Summit

Event infomation: WiAC ’13 will be held on June 27, 2013, in San Jose, California. Submissions to the call for papers are due March 13.

The Call for Participation for the 2013 USENIX Women in Advanced Computing Summit (WiAC ’13) is now available. At WiAC ’13, we will continue to bring the technical community together to discuss some of the challenges women face in the professional computing world. Beyond mere discussion, we hope to engage all attendees to share ideas, best practices, and knowledge to move us forward in our professional capacity as technical people.

Topics will depend upon the speakers and workshop facilitators we schedule for the day. We hope to cover such topics as improving your personal brand, dealing with negative people and stereotypes, and finding ways to support yourself or find support. We welcome your ideas to make this a productive day of discourse. Please visit the Call for Participation web page for a more thorough list of possible topics.

Some possible topics for speakers include:

  • “How I got here”: Finding a path to success and lessons learned along the way
  • Getting noticed and receiving recognition for your work
  • Surviving the male-dominated culture of computing
  • Why computing needs more women and what to do about it
  • How to tell if your work environment is toxic and strategies to cope
  • Building your brand (e.g., your public persona in such places as LinkedIn, your résumé; how people perceive you at work)
  • Encouraging other women: those interested in a career in computing, as well as your peers and coworkers

Some possible workshop topics include:

  • How to tell if a company is supportive of women
  • How to write or adapt a solid technical résumé
  • Enabling a work/life balance when work seems to dominate
  • Negotiating: salary, benefits, flexible schedules, etc.
  • Coaching/mentoring: how to get started on either side of the table

The first WiAC in 2012 welcomed teens and college students interested in computing to join the graduate students and professionals at WiAC. Again we welcome young adults to the event and would like to have some break-out sessions that directly address issues they may be facing. See the Call for Participation for more details.

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