Ada Initiative at PyCon: Come to our feminist hacker lounge!

Ada Initiative advisors Lukas Blakk and Liz Henry write:

PyCon 2013 logo

At this year’s annual USA Python conference — PyCon in Santa Clara, California, March 15–17 — the Ada Initiative will have a booth  in the Exhibition hall, set up as a feminist hacker lounge.  In partnership with Mozilla, the booth will provide space to chill out during the conference with other attendees.   Brainstorm with feminist Python hackers on projects you’re currently working on or are just now dreaming up!

Throughout the three days of the conference we will have some organized Birds-Of-a-Feather (BOF) events on various topics. Come check out the booth schedule and say hello! Snacks will be provided and we also have fabulous stickers. Previous Python programming experience is not required to hang out with us.

PyCon is close to selling all its tickets, so if you’d like to come, buy your ticket now!

Women at the conference on March 16 may also be interested in the PyLadies lunch, register ASAP to make sure there’s a place for you.