AdaCamp news: when will I hear about my application? when do childcare requests close? where can I stay?

We are so excited to have received more than two hundred applications to attend AdaCamp San Francisco! Right now we’re deep in reviewing them and are sending out decisions and registration information as quickly as we can. We apologise to anyone who has been waiting for a decision. I’m basically working on nothing else until decisions are all sent!

If you haven’t heard from us yet

Applications are being reviewed progressively. If you haven’t heard from us yet, we have not reached your application in the review queue. (It definitely does not mean you’ve been rejected.) I apologise especially for the delay in notifying travel grant applicants.

We are working to the following timeline:

  • applicants who asked for international travel grants (applicants outside the USA, Canada and Mexico) will be notified today, May 1
  • applicants who asked for domestic travel grants (applicants from the USA, Canada and Mexico) will be notified by Friday May 3 at the latest
  • other applicants who applied before April 14 will be notified by Friday May 3 at the latest
  • applicants who applied between April 14 and April 30 will be notified by Tuesday May 7 at the latest, sooner if we can
  • applicants who apply between May 1 and May 6 will be notified by Tuesday May 14 at the latest, sooner if we can

Please contact if you were expecting a notification and have not received one by the dates above.

Childcare requests

AdaCamp is providing limited free childcare places for attendees. We need to finalise childcare numbers very soon, and therefore unfortunately need to close applications for childcare earlier than the May 6 deadline. If you want to request a free childcare place for AdaCamp, please apply by Friday May 2. After this, no more childcare requests can be taken.

If you have already applied and asked for a childcare place, our event planner will be in touch late this week or early next week to confirm your childcare needs.

Travel and accommodation information

If you have been accepted to AdaCamp, you may be interested in accommodation options and venue and transport information.

If you are interested in sharing a room with another attendee, and are willing for your name and email to be shared with other attendees for this purpose, please email

We thank our gold level sponsors Mozilla, Automattic and Google Site Reliability Engineering; and our silver level sponsors Linux Foundation, Red Hat, Intel, and Puppet Labs; for their support of AdaCamp San Francisco.