Bloomberg matches $5,000 JSConf US donation to Ada Initiative

bloomberg-logo-blkBloomberg, the financial news and information services company, announced it will donate $5,000 to the Ada Initiative to support women in open technology and culture.

Bloomberg, a leading sponsor of the 2013 JSConf U.S. conference, which kicked-off today in Amelia Island, Florida, was inspired by the generous $5,000 donation of JSConf attendees and organizers to the same cause.

Bloomberg’s philanthropic arm supports programs that feature “global reach, effective engagement, and innovation.” Combined with Bloomberg’s interest in supporting open source, the Ada Initiative’s mission and strategy support Bloomberg’s philanthropic goals.

Shawn Edwards, Bloomberg CTO, says, “Bloomberg is proud to be a part of the JSConf and the technology community that promotes the open exchange of ideas and technology on the Web. As the 5th annual event kicks off this week, we’re delighted to have had the chance to work with the JSConf organizers to fund the Ada Initiative, which encourages more women to contribute to, and thrive in, the the open-source community.”

AdaCamp logoWhat began as individual $10 donations from JSConf U.S. attendees became a $10,000 donation in support of Ada Initiative programs like AdaCamp, the world’s largest conference for women in open technology and culture, the Allies Workshop to teach simple skills to support women every day, and conference anti-harassment policies to make conferences safer and more welcoming to women.

Support for the female tech community, industry conferences and organizations are crucial to promoting more women as conference speakers and successes like those seen at PyCon U.S., which attracted a record 20% female audience.