Why conferences matter: Ada Initiative invited speech at Fórum Internacional Software Livre (FISL)

FISL 14 logoWe’re pleased to announce that Ada Initiative executive director Valerie Aurora is an invited speaker (PT) at the 14th Fórum Internacional Software Livre (EN) next week in Porto Alegre, Brazil. FISL is the world’s largest free software and culture conference, with over 7000 attendees in 2012. FISL brings together social justice activists, Wikipedians, free software developers, students, IT professionals, business owners, hobbyists, government representatives, net neutrality advocates, and more.

Valerie Aurora speaking at AdaCamp DCValerie is giving a talk named “Why conferences matter: Lessons learned from Linux file systems development.” The talk will show the importance of conferences to the progress of open source software, at both the technical and community levels, using examples from Linux file systems development. It will link conferences and the right to peaceful public assembly, and the importance of making conferences inclusive and welcoming of all. Her talk will be simultaneously translated into Portuguese and Spanish. Appropriately, this is the first year that FISL has a formal anti-harassment policy, a move supported by the FISL community.

We are thrilled to be involved in the vibrant and large free software and social justice community in Brazil and across Latin America. We thank FISL for the opportunity to reach thousands of new people in open technology in culture. If you are at FISL, please introduce yourself to Valerie! We look forward to meeting you.