Progress in 2013: Impostor Syndrome Training

We’re reposting sections from our mid-year progress report for 2013. Read the entire report here.

Women in open tech/culture

CC-BY-SA Adam Novak

Ada Initiative staff and volunteers have also launched Impostor Syndrome training, presenting on techniques that allow women and others to feel appropriately confident in their work in the face of the often publicly critical culture in open technology and culture. Denise Paolucci took lessons from AdaCamp DC’s several Impostor Syndrome sessions and presented them at, Open Source Bridge, and OSCON, with the Ada Initiative providing a captioned and transcribed version of the talk. Leigh Honeywell additionally created a values exercise to combat stereotype threat and Impostor Syndrome, which we used at AdaCamp San Francisco.

What’s next? We will continue to teach about and hold sessions on Impostor Syndrome at AdaCamps and add to our resources as we go.